Our Story

elénzia is a family led brand house providing high class and innovative solutions for health, beauty and wellness that are scientifically proven to work, with the aim to help and improve our customers’ lifestyle and benefit their lives for the future.

As a family who over the years have tried and tested countless health and cosmetic products ourselves, we sought to create a brand that provides cutting edge science that is not available to consumers through major brands because the scientific active is too novel for an established brand to launch. We verify the science, health and safety, and functionality of the product so that customers know a product partnered with elénzia is a stamp of approval for quality and efficacy.

Built on decades of technical knowledge and personal experience of the cosmetic industry, we guide our customers through the science and advise them on the mechanism of action of our products in order to maximise efficacy for individuals.

By choosing elénzia, you are choosing innovative, elegant science that will leave you feeling that a change for the better can be made by using our products, making you look and feel exceptional whilst also being a solution to health and beauty concerns. 


Our Vision & Mission



Customers trust elénzia to deliver elegant science in nutrition, cosmetic and medicinal products that give tangible benefits to health, beauty and wellness.



We are dedicated to providing customers with exclusive products that employ elegant, scientific solutions proven to work, 

  • Educating ourselves at elénzia on leading nutrition, cosmetic and pharmaceutical  science
  • Understanding the  mechanism of action
  • Providing quality, high performance, efficacious products supported  by scientific evidence
  • Assuring the safety of our products
  • Delivering new and exclusive, first to market products
  • Selecting routes to market for each product to enhance the purchasing experience
  • Guiding the customer by providing services that offer lifestyle advice
  • Consulting with customers to maximise efficacy for individuals
  • Selecting partners that support the elénzia brand values